A sustainable power station for the built environment, completely emission free

Hylife Innovations sees a great opportunity for the application of hydrogen at district level: the InnovaHub. A sustainable power station for the built environment. The InnovaHub meets the demand for electricity, heating and cooling from the residential district. The Hub is supplied with energy generated by wind turbines and solar parks in the immediate surroundings.

The InnovaHub is the point for the storage and release of green hydrogen. Heat is released during the production of hydrogen in the InnovaHub. This heat is stored. There is also space for cold storage.

The InnovaHub fulfils a pivotal role in

  • The production of green hydrogen
  • Supplying electricity, heat, cooling and hydrogen to existing buildings and/or new builds
  • Powering mobility, (hybrid) electric cars or hydrogen vehicles
  • Balancing supply and demand for green energy; consider large-scale solar and wind parks
  • Participating in the power grid and future hydrogen network
  • Optimising demand and supply of energy at house and district levels with the Energy Management System
  • Bridging the seasonal gap by storing energy, heat and cold
  • Making district heating sustainable