Tieleman Keukens

Tieleman Keukens is a proud partner of Hylife Innovations.

Corporate social responsibility is a priority at Tieleman Keukens. Tieleman works sustainably in all manner of ways, such as building a sustainable premises with an ATES installation and solar road (car park) and now over 1,000 solar panels. The close family business likes to lead the way, certainly when regarding sustainable and progressive developments. And that is why Tieleman Keukens has joined forces with Hylife Innovations.

One example of this is the Innovathuis in Stad aan ’t Haringvliet. Innovathuis is a modern, complete, comfortable house that is suitable for the future. By combining innovative and sustainable solutions in one house, the Innovathuis is energy efficient and maintenance friendly.

Familie Tieleman (Tieleman Keukens)

'Tieleman Keukens also believes in a sustainable living environment based on green hydrogen'

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