Moving towards a sustainable living environment

Hylife Innovations develops, commercialises and implements innovations, concepts and advice relating to energy and mobility. Our innovations are aimed at making energy supplies more sustainable: from the built environment to industry. In doing so, we pay attention to all kinds of aspects: sustainable and energy-efficient construction, energy consumption and management. This integrated approach is possible by combining the strong aspects of various technologies, such as green hydrogen. Our vision is that energy transition consists of a broad combination of systems and applications.

Hylife Innovations develops solutions for the energy transition. The generation of sustainable electricity by means of wind and solar parks is already paying off locally. At the same time, a new problem is now arising: the stability of the electricity grid is under pressure. This is due to the difference between the generation of sustainable energy and its consumption. Supply and demand are not always in balance. There is a great need for energy buffering to compensate for this asynchrony. Energy buffering helps to achieve the climate objectives.

Jean-Paul Scheurleer

Entrepreneur and project developer in the Goeree-Overflakkee region.

“ By doing this, Hylife Innovations is bringing a sustainable living environment closer “

Think, dare, do

Hylife Innovations realised the Innovathuis in 2019. A self-sufficient concept residence with green hydrogen – in the middle of new housing estate Havenstadt in Stad aan ‘t Haringvliet. The solar panels on the roof produce green electricity. The installation in the Innovathuis converts surplus energy on site into green hydrogen. Later, this installation converts hydrogen back into electricity. This method makes seasonal storage possible for an individual home. This is unique.

Implementing hydrogen ambitions with consideration for the environment

The Netherlands does have high ambitions with regard to the use of hydrogen in mobility and the built environment. However, the realisation of these ambitions is lagging behind. This is partly because initiators are confronted with the lack of legislation. Moreover, a great deal of attention needs to be paid to social acceptance. As a result, there is some reticence because hydrogen is a new application in the built environment. Hylife Innovations is in a position to accelerate that process and proceed to actual realisation.

Close ties to government and safety authorities

From the development company Wonen op Flakkee, Jean-Paul Scheurleer, founder of Hylife Innovations, built a good reputation. That formed the basis for collaborations with the Municipality of Goeree-Overflakkee, the Rijnmond Region environmental protection agency (DCMR) and the Rotterdam-Rijnmond Safety Region. All these parties were involved in the development of the Innovathuis. They used their knowledge and expertise in practice and have thereby contributed to the energy transition in the Netherlands.