InnovaHub District

District vision and realisation

Hylife Innovations sees a great opportunity for the application of the InnovaHub District. This multifunctional power plant provides the associated residential district with the demand for sustainable electricity, heat or cold. In essence, InnovaHub District ensures that all energy generation and all energy consumption in the home and within the district is utilised as intelligently as possible. Many municipalities, provinces, housing corporations and project developers have plans to develop sustainable districts and are struggling with grid congestion and nitrogen oxides regulations. InnovaHub District is the solution.

Energy consumption during generation

The basic principle with green energy is: the best storage is no storage at all. Therefore, InnovaHub District ensures that the generation from PV installations in the district or from nearby wind farms is used directly – wherever possible. Intelligent software communicates between equipment in the district and the hub. Does the production of green energy exceed demand? If so, the system promotes the use of green energy, such as charging electric cars or controlling heat pumps.

Storage of energy, heat and cold

In the event of overproduction, InnovaHub District stores the remaining green energy. This can be done in batteries, in the form of green hydrogen or in the form of heat or cold. In this way, the system can opt for battery storage during short production peaks. The electricity is also quickly available from the batteries in the event of a shortage of generation. In the event of long-term overproduction, for example in the summer months, the hub can produce green hydrogen. This hydrogen is used for seasonal storage. To increase the efficiency of hydrogen, InnovaHub District captures the heat released in the conversion process. In both directions! In addition, the hub stores cold in the winter months. This is important, because climate change makes cooling increasingly necessary. The stored cold and heat are both available to the connected residential area. This versatility makes the hub an efficient total solution.

InnovaHub District summarised: The right technology for the right application in every situation.

Shared mobility at district level

Housing and mobility are inextricably linked. In rural areas in particular – where travelling distances can easily be longer – the need for a car is great. Electric shared cars at district level reduce the need for a (second) car. Hylife Innovations even goes a step further in sustainable shared mobility by giving shared cars an extra function in the energy system.

Electric car as a battery

The average family car spends most of its life parked somewhere, usually at home in the driveway. By implementing charging systems bi-directionally, Vehicle2Grid and connecting them directly to the hub, every parked electric shared car automatically becomes part of the energy system. Our solution stimulates sustainable mobility, enriches the energy system and provides more opportunities for the development of high-quality public space. In short: a win-win situation

The InnovaHub District fulfils an important pivotal role for:

  • .Supplying electricity, heat and cooling to existing and/or new buildings
  • Promoting mobility, electric (shared) cars or hydrogen vehicles
  • Balancing the supply and demand for green energy at district level with local generation
  • Buffering for the electricity grid and future hydrogen network
  • Optimising energy management at home and district level with the Energy Management System
  • Production of green hydrogen
  • Bridging periods without energy production through storage of energy, heat and cold
  • Making local heat networks more sustainable
  • Development of emission-free neighbourhoods that support rather than burden the electricity grid
  • Less dependent on fluctuations in energy prices because InnovaHub is almost entirely self-sufficient

Collective solution for any type of building

InnovaHub District is suitable not only for residential areas with houses and flat blocks, but also for business parks with offices and commercial buildings, for example. Public buildings, museums and shops can also connect to InnovaHub District. Every building that consumes a mix of electricity and thermal energy can connect to InnovaHub District along with the rest of the district or area.


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