Integrated sustainable concepts for housing, districts, mobility and energy

Hylife Innovations is committed to a sustainable future. In the coming years, energy systems are going to be overhauled across the globe. We therefore require new solutions. Innovative concepts with an integrated approach. That is Hylife Innovations’ speciality: sustainable housing concepts using green hydrogen. From existing individual houses to entire new housing estates.

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“ The strength of innovation makes our living environment sustainable “

Jean-Paul Scheurleer


Hylife Innovations develops concepts for the housing market: CO2 neutral and without nitrogen emissions. Our innovations are characterised by our integrated approach. Solutions for the individual that strengthen the collective.

Energy Management System

Intelligent software matches supply and demand of electricity. In this way, we use the available green energy at home and in the neighbourhood in the most efficient manner.

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InnovaHub District

A sustainable power station for districts. InnovaHub District intertwines energy, mobility and living. Emission-free, safe and almost completely self-sufficient

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InnovaHub Grid

InnovaHub Grid enables large-scale sustainability of electricity and heat networks. The buffer that absorbs fluctuations in the grid.

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Hydrogen boiler

Meet the catalytic hydrogen boiler that converts hydrogen gas into heat. 100% emission-free, so no CO2 and NOx emissions.


You can only achieve genuine innovation and renewal in collaboration with strong partners. Experts who contribute knowledge and experience. Allies who support the same vision, ambition and motives. Furthermore, the backing of supporters is vital for innovation. Parties that make their network available, that provide a financial contribution or specialists that increase the visibility.


Hylife Innovations operates from Goeree-Overflakkee. This island is leading the way in the field of sustainability. For a start, by generating vast amounts of sustainable energy from wind, sun and tides. Now the energy production from these sources is increasing by the day, the time has come to incorporate this sustainable electricity in the daily lives of the island residents. On Goeree-Overflakkee, businesses, governments and knowledge institutes are working together on innovations that are indispensable to achieve the objectives of the Climate Agreement. No wonder then that Hylife Innovations feels at home on this Energy Island.