Energy Management System

Tomorrow’s sustainable energy supply will consist of a decentralised network of high-performance, emission-free devices. This calls for smart control, careful data management and digital interconnectivity in the form of an Energy Management System. On the generation side, we see, for example, large-scale wind farms at sea and extensive solar fields. On the consumer side, we see geothermal heating, electric mobility and hydrogen applications. All kinds of conversions between generation and consumption are conceivable. An Energy Management System that intelligently controls all these assets is the key to success.


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Smart control

In addition to physical energy concepts, Hylife Innovations develops its own EMS software together with its partners. This Energy Management System controls equipment and components and can thus anticipate the demand for and supply of renewable energy. Thanks to this integral application of the software, it is possible to make optimal use of every form of generation or consumption. From individual devices to complex, integrated systems. The EMS is operational in both InnovaHub District and InnovaHub Grid.


Available EMS functions, a brief overview:

  • Optimal control of InnovaHub Grid at grid level, as a buffer between supply and demand
  • Optimal control of InnovaHub District at the district level, from individual devices to collective functions
  • Intelligent, predictive algorithm for controlling PV systems, wind farms, heating systems, electrolysis systems, fuel cells, batteries and so on. The algorithm can be based on, for example, energy prices, weather forecasts and consumption expectations
  • Competitive participation in energy/flex trading markets for the optimal deployment of assets. In this way, too, the EMS can contribute to the stability of the electricity grid.
  • Controlling Vehicle2Grid: bi-directional integration of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles
  • Gathering unique data that provides insights and visualisations of all energy flows
  • Reporting of energy flows and environmental impact in accordance with ESG criteri

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