InnovaHub Grid

Energy transition at grid level

Worldwide, we are on the eve of a major acceleration in the energy transition. The transition in which renewable sources replace fossil production methods. This acceleration is crucial to achieve the reduction targets for 2030 and 2050. Grid operators, energy companies and governments are concerned about the fluctuations in the generation and consumption of sustainable energy. The asynchronous relationship between supply and demand can threaten the stability of the electricity grid. Therefore, buffer capacity is needed on a large scale. InnovaHub Grid fulfils this pivotal function without the need to overhaul the grid.

Handling generation peaks

InnovaHub Grid can alleviate the burden on the electricity grid in various ways during peak generation periods. In the event of overproduction from large-scale wind farms or solar parks, the hub can store excess renewable energy. In addition to a battery system, InnovaHub Grid has an electrolyser to produce green hydrogen. The system assesses which storage form is optimal to buffer the peak. This is done not only based on the generation peak itself, but also on the expected demand and supply in the near future. For this smart control, data management and digital interconnectivity, the hub is equipped with an advanced Energy Management System.

Filling energy gaps and boosting sustainability

During periods of shortage of renewable energy, InnovaHub Grid supplies electricity from its buffers. In short cycles (day-night), the hub taps into the battery system. For longer cycles, InnovaHub Grid switches to the hydrogen buffers. The hub also stores the heat released from all conversion processes . In addition, there is room for cold storage. In this way, the hub also plays a role in making large-scale heat networks with high-temperature heating more sustainable. By including heat in the energy supply, InnovaHub Grid alleviates the burden on the electricity grid with remarkably high efficiency.

Decentralised grid

The flexible buffering properties of InnovaHub Grid enable accelerated upscaling of renewable sources on the grid. Without compromising the stability of the grid. Because the hub system is modular, it provides the opportunity to build a decentralised network of energy buffers. Such a decentralised network of InnovaHub Grid installations provides a fundamental solution to the growing problem of congestion without the need for local or regional reinforcement of the electricity grid.

InnovaHub Grid: an indispensable link in making our national energy supply more sustainable

InnovaHub Grid fulfils an important pivotal role for:

  • Balancing supply and demand for green energy at grid level, for example in the vicinity of large-scale solar and wind parks
  • Scaling up renewable sources on the electricity grid
  • Production of green hydrogen
  • Supply of sustainable heat and cooling to large-scale heat networks
  • Promotion or facilitation of large-scale charging infrastructure for electrical vehicles and, in the future, hydrogen fuelling infrastructure
  • Buffering for the electricity grid and future hydrogen grid

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