Hydrogen boiler

Together with our partner Giacomini, Hylife Innovations has introduced a patented hydrogen boiler to the Dutch market: the H2ydroGEM. Find out about the catalytic hydrogen boiler that converts hydrogen gas into heat. Without incineration. Without electricity. Without emissions of dangerous substances. The solution if, in the future, local or national hydrogen gas flows through the existing natural gas network.

How does the H2ydroGEM work?

The hydrogen boiler converts hydrogen gas into heat. A catalyst in the boiler creates a reaction between low-concentrated hydrogen and oxygen in the reaction channel. The catalyst activates an oxidation process without electricity or a flame. This reaction releases enough warmth to heat an entire home. A system of heat exchangers provides hot tap water (85˚C) for the central heating. The only by-product of the entire reaction is harmless water vapour.


Why an alternative for a central heating boiler?

The quality and density of the gas infrastructure of the Netherlands is unique in the world. That is also why the vast majority of existing buildings use a central heating boiler fuelled by natural gas for heating and hot tap water. Now the energy transition is accelerating, there is a growing awareness that the way we heat our homes will change drastically. What is a reliable and affordable alternative for the trusted central heating boiler?

Hydrogen via the natural gas network

Grid operators and energy companies are exploring the possibilities to adapt the existing natural gas network for hydrogen. H2ydroGEM lowers the threshold for switching from natural gas to hydrogen. And certainly for existing houses with an energy label of C or lower. Because, just like a central heating boiler, H2ydroGEM produces heat at a high temperature. Therefore, residents don’t need to switch from radiators to underfloor heating. Of course, additional insulation is an important measure.

Heating without emissions

There is no incineration involved in the catalytic reaction. That is why no CO2 is released when the hydrogen gas is converted into heat. Since the catalytic reaction occurs at a temperature of 300˚C, there are no NOx emissions either. That makes the H2ydroGEM a zero emission solution. Fed with green hydrogen, this is an environmentally-friendly heating system for houses.

New technology perfected

In 2003, our partner Giacomini developed the first hydrogen boiler in the world. The patent on the catalytic reaction of hydrogen followed in 2005. The first versions of H2ydroGEM have been operational at various locations in Europe and the Benelux since 2006. Now that the role of hydrogen is really starting to grow, it has become clear how ahead of its time Giacomini was. And that is good news because our innovative partner has further perfected the H2ydroGEM in the meantime. The further development is still underway in collaboration with the University of Milan. We therefore introduced a compact, efficient and safe product on the Dutch market. 

Benefits of H2ydroGEM, the catalytic hydrogen boiler

  • High supply temperature and high efficiency
  • Zero emission: no CO2 or NOx emissions
  • Flameless reaction: low maintenance installation
  • Perfected technology since 2005

Making the switch in existing buildings

On paper, every existing house can switch to hydrogen. It is a question of replacing the central heating boiler with a hydrogen boiler. However, how does this work in reality? What does the installation involve? What is it like to use in everyday life? These are all relevant questions for which we don’t have all the answers. That is why Hylife Innovations started a pilot with an older house in Stad aan ’t Haringvliet. What is required to accelerate the energy transition in existing houses? Read more on Individual solutions for existing buildings.

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